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About Lehigh

Founded by Jim Troutt in 1998, the Lehigh Equipment Company was born to provide safe – high quality products to individuals and companies needing a solution for their industrial gas and liquid cryogenic storage and transportation requirements. Supplying the customer demand for long lasting and secure bulk CO2 tanks, bulk nitrogen tanks, industrial gas equipment and more, Lehigh continues the pursuit as the leading provider of liquid cryogenic and industrial gas equipment.

Lehigh Equipment Company isn’t just another liquid cryogenic and industrial gas equipment distributor, we are a team of know-how professionals providing top tier support and assistance in selecting and providing industrial gas and liquid cryogenic equipment to our customers. With decades of experience, the Lehigh team and partners have enabled customers to complete their projects in a time efficient, cost effective and safe manner.

Focusing on remarkable products at reasonable prices, Lehigh Equipment Company never cuts corners or makes compromises when it comes safety. We are about trust and reliability. We want our customers to know that we care most about the reliability of our products, to ensure the safety of our customers and those around them.

Having bulk CO2 tanks, bulk nitrogen tanks, transporters, industrial gas and cryogenic equipment readily available, Lehigh has a solution for virtually any storage or transportation need. When you are ready for your next project, you can rest assured that the Lehigh Equipment Company is here to help.

“We strive to achieve a level of service, and an experience, that customers have never encountered in the industry before. We focus on what matters: support, functionality, reliability, and most importantly, safety. We devote the amount of time and energy needed to ensure our products are in line with the mountainous Lehigh standards.” – Lehigh’s mission

Lehigh Equipment Company has proudly been serving the liquid cryogenic and industrial gas equipment needs since 1998. Lehigh Equipment Company is admirably listed with an A+ rating.