Used Cryogenic Storage Tank

Now available are two 11,000 gallon used cryogenic storage tanks. Both tanks were warm and are purged. These 11,000 gallon used cryogenic storage tanks are furnished with original copper piping and Powell brass valves. The paint is in good condition, with minimal rust on and around the data plates. Each used cryogenic storage tank is equipped with one main relief valve and one burst disc. The tanks were individually checked and tested, both passing the Lehigh Standards of Safety inspection.

Vacuum readings are as follows:
Tank 1 (East tank): Serial # C-46875 is at 290 microns.
Tank 2 (West tank): Serial # C-46775 is at 132 microns.

Why purchase new – when you can get an approved used Lehigh Equipment Co. tank for a fraction of the price? These tanks are listed at only $40,000!

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