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Lehigh Equipment Company buys, sells, and leases liquid cryogenic and industrial gas equipment, including: industrial gas storage tanks, industrial cryogenic storage tanks, industrial gas transports, industrial cryogenic transports, portable industrial gas storage tanks, and portable cryogenic storage tanks. Immediately serving Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi and Louisiana, our trusted distribution centers cater to liquid cryogenic and industrial gas equipment needs across the greater North American region, including Canada, Mexico, and all 50 states. With distribution centers and partners in northeast Ohio, Houston Texas, northern California, Atlanta Georgia, and central Indiana, we have the means supply liquid cryogenic and industrial gas equipment needs worldwide.

Lehigh Equipment Company provides industrial gas and cryogenic: storage, equipment, and transport products. We offer products associated with:

  • Propane – C3H8
  • Liquefied Natural Gas – LPG
  • Carbon Dioxide – CO2
  • Carbon Monoxide – CO
  • Hydrogen – H2
  • Methane – CH4
  • Nitrogen – LIN – N2
  • Nitrous Oxide – N2O
  • Oxygen – LOX – O2
  • Anhydrous Ammonia – NH3
  • Argon – LAR – Ar
  • Compressed Natural Gas – CNG
  • Ethylene – C2H4
  • Ethane – C2H6
  • Helium – He

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