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Lehigh offers new, reconditioned and used compressed gas tube trailers and modules for an array of liquid cryogenic and industrial gas needs. Our modules and compressed gas tube trailers are secure, reliable and safe for transport. Reasonably priced and of the highest quality, our compressed gas tube trailers and modules are precision crafted, high in strength, and enable the transportation of greater payloads. See which tube trailer or module fits your needs.

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Thirty (30) DOT Tube Trailer



CAPACITIES                                He – 39,280 scf @ 2400 psi

N2 – 41,150 scf @ 2400 psi

Ar – 45,000 scf @ 2400 psi

H2 – 38,435 scf @ 2400 psi w/modifications

WORKING PRESSURE                 2400 PSIG

UNIT NUMBER                           LE-398

SERVICE                                      He-N2-Ar

TRAILER MOUNTED                   Yes

AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT             Rear manifold

HITCH TYPE                                Fifth Wheel

EMPTY WEIGHT (lb.)                  31,000

DIMENSIONS                              23 ft. OAL x 8 ft. W x 9 ft. H

TEST/RETEST DATES                  04-2013/04-2018



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