Transports and Portable Storage

Liquid cryogenic transporters, CO2 transporters, and other industrial gas transporters all share one fundamental feature – transit. Transporters and portable industrial gas storage units allow individuals and companies to move industrial gases and liquid cryogenics from one location to another for refilling, temporary use, or simply as an option to do so. Portable CO2 tanks and portable industiral gas tanks are perfect for per-job commercial use or short to long term individual use. Lehigh takes the transportation of industrial gases and liquid cryogenics very seriously; it is an action that should never be done negligently and must always require extreme caution and care. We test, inspect, and validate all transports and portable storage units to certify that all products are in line with the Lehigh standards of safety; prior to the sale of any Lehigh product. Get the transporter or portable storage unit that will meet your task requirements.

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LOX Equipment 5000 Gallon Cryogenic Transport


Item:  5000 Gallon Liquid O2, N2 or Ar Transport

Manufacturer:  LOX Equipment Company

Size & Pressure:  5000 Gallon x 44 psig

Description:  Reconditioned cryogenic transport with Kubota engine-driven bronze pump and flow meter

Quantity:  One (1)

Comment:  Excellent condition

Location:  Indiana

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