Cryogenic Bulk Storage

We offer Vertical and horizontal liquid cryogenic storage tanks. Our bulk cryogenic storage tanks are secure, reliable, and excel in functionality. Liquid cryogenic tanks store extremely cold liquefied natural gases (compressed gases). Large amounts of gas are stored in a “liquid” form, allowing our tanks to hold an extremely large amount of gas in a confined space; for long term use or ease of transportation. We offer an array of tanks catering to multiples of cryogenic needs, including: liquid nitrogen storage tanks, liquid hydrogen storage tanks, liquid oxygen storage tanks, liquid argon storage tanks, liquid methane storage tanks, and liquefied natural gases. Offering portable storage tanks, transporters, and stationary units, Lehigh will satisfy your bulk cryogenic storage tank needs.

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MVE Vertical Storage Vessels – Two Available

Manufacturer:  Minnesota Valley Engineering – MVE

Size & Pressure:  9000 gallons at 75 psi

Description:  1993 Vertical

Quantity:  Two

Comment:  Very good condition

Location:  Oklahoma

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