Equipment and Support

Equipment and Support Provided for:
Anhydrous Ammonia – NH3, Argon – LAR – Ar, Carbon Dioxide – CO2, Carbon Monoxide – CO, Hydrogen – H2, Methane – CH4, Nitrogen – LIN – N2, Nitrous Oxide, Oxygen – LOX – O2, Propane – LPG, Liquefied Natural Gas – LPG, Compressed Natural Gas – CNG, Ethylene, Ethane, Helium – He

New Equipment Manufactured or Reconditioned by:
ACD, Carbo Tech, CEXI, Chart Industries, CryoStar, GasCon, INOX-CVA, Lone Star Cryogenics, NK Steel, Taylor-Wharton, TOMCO Equipment, WesMor Manufacturing, West Cryogenics

New, Used, and Reconditioned Equipment:
IMO-5 and IMO-7 ISO containers, Liquid and gaseous production plants, Liquid and gaseous storage tanks, Oil and gas field pumpers and coil tubing rigs, Portable and transport trailers, Transfer and boost pumps and compressors, Tubes and tube trailers

Used Equipment Manufactured by:
AIRCO, Alloy Custom Crafts, APCI, Cardox, CB&I, Chemetron, Cosmodyne, CPI, Cryenco, Evans, FIBA Tech, Gardner, Leader Iron Works, Linde, Liquid Carbonic, LOX Equipment, Lubbock, MVE, Pittsburgh, Process Engineering, Russell, Ryan, Stansteel, Texas Trailer, Trinity, Union Carbide – UCAR


Full Equipment List

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