11,000/250 Vertical Nitrogen or Argon Storage Tank

Lehigh has added a 1976 Ryan 11,000 gallon, 250 psig vertical storage tank to our inventory.  This tank has an aluminum inner vessel and is in great overall condition.  Presently located in Louisville, KY and in need of a new home.   Please give us a call at 859-653-4255

Used Cryogenic Storage Tank

Now available are two 11,000 gallon used cryogenic storage tanks. Both tanks were warm and are purged. These 11,000 gallon used cryogenic storage tanks are furnished with original copper piping and Powell brass valves. The paint is in good condition, with minimal rust on and around the data plates. Each used cryogenic storage tank is… Continue Reading

Products and Services

Lehigh offers the following products and services: Technical application support in selecting the right equipment for your project., Liquid CO2, nitrogen and oxygen supply sourcing help., Assistance in purchasing through our lending partners or our own lease/purchase plans, Short and long term equipment leasing options’ Contact us for more information.

Equipment and Support

Equipment and Support Provided for: Anhydrous Ammonia – NH3, Argon – LAR – Ar, Carbon Dioxide – CO2, Carbon Monoxide – CO, Hydrogen – H2, Methane – CH4, Nitrogen – LIN – N2, Nitrous Oxide, Oxygen – LOX – O2, Propane – LPG, Liquefied Natural Gas – LPG, Compressed Natural Gas – CNG, Ethylene, Ethane,… Continue Reading

About Lehigh Equipment Co.

Lehigh Equipment Company buys, sells, and leases equipment worldwide. Our inventory includes new, reconditioned, and used liquid cryogenic and industrial gas storage, transportation, liquefaction plants, and processing equipment.